About Us

STEP was set up in 2000 with the objective to provide high value added services within the area of information systems.

Our Journey so far

STEP was set up in 2000 to provide information management services. STEP has been delivering high value solutions for its clients from past 21 years and it has been made possible by a highly qualified team that understands client requirements and optimises their processes to achieve business goals.

Bearing in mind the constraints inherent to the conception and implementation of IT solutions in organisations, we seek to simplify processes and make them more flexible in order to optimise their results.

Our business strategy of not purely based on technical skills but we believe in building partnerships, relate with our clients aspirations and we are focused on delivering success using the most suited technologies.

STEP is now a part of ABP Consultancy and we are reshaping our products and services to align with state of the art automation solutions provided by ABP.

Through a process of consolidation of its service offering at ABP, STEP has restructured to focus on product development.

STEP, with 21 years of experience in the development of SaaS solutions for automation, will focus strongly on the evolution of its SABE and STEP FEDERATION solutions, enhancing its core business and pursuing a strategy of internationalisation of these solutions.

STEP will also be the arm of the ABP group responsible for developing innovative products and automation solutions, that the group decides to invest in and develop.


Taking a STEP further

“All the ABP team is super excited with the STEP acquisition and the quality of its team, solutions and products. Its definitely a new STEP for the group.

ABP aims to improve and leverage these solutions and make them available to our clients across our operations and markets.”


STEP is, as of January 2021, a company of the ABP Consultancy Group.
Agile Business Process (ABP) is a London-based technology company specialising in process management, focused on developing customised digital experiences tailored to each client's specific needs.
With several decades of combined experience, we have built a strong and flexible team capable of meeting the toughest challenges in implementing automation solutions across diverse markets.

  • ABP is recognised by customers and partners as one of the companies with the highest expertise in the field of process automation;
  • ABP is a partner of IBM, UiPath and ABBYY;
  • ABP has offices in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv and Madrid.

Ensuring Success of Automation Projects

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