We understand how complex our IT ecosystems are becoming with a growing number of solutions of solutions and platforms to support and in a lot of cases the same solutions form different vendors.


ECM Federator

  • It’s not uncommon to find clients with multiple ECM platforms. This fact contributes to a lot of complexity in ecosystems due to the fact that to find what we want, we sometimes face the need to go and call multiple systems in order to find “the document”.
  • This contributes to lack of speed, accuracy issues, duplication of costs, regulatory problems and finally for high IT maintenance costs.
  • Our solutions allow us to hide the complexity of these different ECM platforms into a single point of search and retrieve, facilitating users and applications to find what they need when they need it with the necessary quality.
  • Designed to support heavy loads, the solution was initially built to integrate different IBM ECM solutions, and it now involving to support multiple other markets platforms.

BPM Federator

  • It’s not uncommon to find clients with multiple BPM platforms. this fact contributes for a lot of complexity in IT ecosystems but most importantly it creates enormous difficulties to the end users that have to scroll through dozens of applications that they need to learn to how to work to be able to execute their work.
  • Our solution allows item managers to hide this multiple bpm platforms and that our federator simplifying not only the management of the solutions, providing integrated service to their applications and most importantly provided integrated view to the employees about what they have to do common task list, and what the clients have rolling in the systems

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