STEP developed two federation platforms to allow companies dealing with the increasing complexity of having to manage multiple ECM and multiple BPM Platforms

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

At STEP, we are experts in the design, implementation and operation of ECM solutions covering a wide range of document management needs for organisations of all sizes:


Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

As the amount of information produced in organizations is increasingly high and, in most cases, unstructured, it is essential to ensure approaches to its translation into real added value for the business.

Using the best technologies and products on the market, including SABE - Advanced BPM and ECM Solutions, we can obtain a truly integrated vision of information, even when it is not structured.

This way, we allow our Clients to transform their information in a competitive way and use it as an accessible, reliable and safe strategic resource, making operational a strategy to optimise results and reduce costs, doing more with less and in a more collaborative and cooperative way.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Process management, also known as Business Process Management (BPM), is one of the areas in which information technologies are applied to optimise, control processes and consequently improve the performance of organisations.

These process improvements increase the agility of organisations in the constant changes and demands of the market, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

They also allow rethinking the way each productive unit contributes to the whole organisation, always in search of greater efficiency and applying the best management strategies and practices, for each organisation to understand, achieve and innovate in its processes.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The strong expansion of this type of solution is not only due to the current situation, but is based on paradigms associated with the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which are the basis for technologies aimed at automating processes, where thousands of users intervene daily, including employees, partners and other external elements of the organization.

BPM solutions

STEP has extensive experience in BPM solutions, from their definition to their implementation. In this sense, we have established a close relationship with our clients to ensure the success of the application of these solutions to their processes, regardless of their area or market.

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