STEP has more than 20 years of experience in the automation market with hundreds of hours invested in designing tailor-made solutions for its customers.

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SABE platform provides a wide range of automation services, allowing SMBs to have access to wide range of automation solutions promoting business agility, innovation and focus:

  • Digitalisation of documents and processes
  • Automation of tasks and processes
  • Configuration 100% adjustable to the Client’s business needs
  • Flexibility of integration with existing systems and applications
  • Can work on SaaS, On-Prem or Hybrid Model
  • Support included with the 1st license
  • Pricing based on users and scale, aligning the client growth to the platform usage


STEP developed two federation platforms to allow companies dealing with the increasing complexity of having to manage multiple ECM and multiple BPM Platforms.

FEDERATION has been designed to integrate multiple platforms and be deployed in complex IT architectures while supporting high volumes of transactions.


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