SABE is a platform that integrates digital documents, resources including people (internal and external), applications, tasks and processes.

Simpler would be to complicate


Software as Service

Simplicity of Use

Support 24*7*365

Control costs

Template-driven solutions

STEP, based on its experience of more than 20 years developing bespoke solutions for clients. We leverage this know-how to develop on the platform a set of templates allowing the development of solutions faster and leverage the best market practices.

Online Digital Archive

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) gives you the ability to act as an online digital archive for all types of content and documents, with advanced features to help you classify, search, and manage your company’s information.

Task automation

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) gives you the ability to automate mundane and repetitive tasks freeing users for added value tasks and thus allowing companies to grow at lower costs, more efficiency and aligning their process with regulation and compliance procedures.

Coordinate Applications and People

BPM (Business Process Management) manages and coordinates applications and people together, dispensing with physical media so that processes can flow more efficiently and transparently.
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A true hybrid automation platform

Having specialized in products and solutions in the areas of automation, we ensure, either autonomously or integrated into customer environments, the solutions required for successful implementations.

The SABE stack ensures a 360o solution to our clients allowing them focus on their business while we support THEIR GROWTH.

Your automation platform of choice

For your business

  • Digitalisation of documents
  • Automation of tasks and orchestration of processes
  • Formal, auditable support for company content and processes.
  • SaaS ready platform
  • Flexibility of integration with existing systems and applications.
  • Low implementation risk.
  • Possibility to readjust the service according to your needs.

For your time

  • Comprehensive, real-time view of company performance.
  • Real-time optimization of available resources.
  • Acceleration of your business using our business templates


  • Total confidentiality and maximum protection
  • Marketed as an all-inclusive service.
  • No need for infrastructure or any IT skills
  • You don’t need specialized HR to operate it, we will do it for you 24×7

Client Testimonials

Our partnership with STEP goes back to 2006, with the implementation of our document management system. In 2009 we engaged with them to automate accounts payable processes, on the SABE platform.

Streamlining the invoice processing operation has resulted in saving per invoice processing costs and also freed up valuable time for our finance team.

SABE was instrumental in helping us supporting our process excellence journey. The platform allowed us to easily automate some of our most critical processes allowing us to focus on the core of our activity.



We have been working with Step since 2007 and they have helped us automate our invoice payment and purchase order management process. In 2015 we migrated to the SABE platform which made it possible to dematerialize our finance operations completely. It’s easy to implement and supported by a brilliant team of automation experts. 





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