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We developed a variety of automation products specifically designed for automation

SABE, the platform of choice for SMB's

SABE is an automation platform, based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model that was designed to bring document and process management solutions to SMBs. The platform was designed to allow our customers access to a wide range of automation services, allowing them to have, in a simplified way, high-capacity automation solutions to allow them to grow and scale.

  • Dematerialization of documents and processes.
  • Configuration 100% adjustable to the Client’s reality.
  • SaaS model, with monthly licensing per user.
  • Support included with the 1st license.
  • Pricing based on users and scale aligning the client growth to the platform usage.
  • Support included with the 1st license.
  • Flexibility of integration with existing systems and applications.
  • Fast return on investment.


STEP developed two federation platforms to allow companies dealing with the increasing complexity of having to manage multiple ECM and multiple BPM Platforms